Requirements for Fish Farming

Requirements For Fish Farming

Many poor Nigerians have been tranformed into wealthy people through Catfish farming in Nigeria within a very short period of time , as a result of this positive reason others wants to delve into the business but they encounter difficulty – not because they don’t have the required capital to start up their own catfish farming but simply because they don’t have the required expertise and capability to succeed in the business . As a well exposed and brilliant person you don’t just jump into any profitable business just because others are making it in the business but you should be fully equipt with the necessary information ,have a deep insight on how the business is being done to avoid loss.

A friend of mine came to seek for my advised that he has the intention of starting a catfish farming and he does not know how to go about it or where to even start from , i asked him to google “how to start fish farning in nigeria 2015” but come to think of it , you stumble upon articles that mislead people on how to start fish farming in Nigeria but just few of them are detailed enough to fully expose you to the business as it is suppose .

I decided to create this post because it will go a long way to assist people in starting their fish farming in Nigeria and also featuring all they need to know before venturing into the business .

Requirements For Fish Farming In Nigeria

1. Capital
Capital is the most essential thing to have in starting up fish farming in Nigeria . This doesn’t necessarily mean that you must have millions in your bank account before you can be eligible to set up your fish farm , you can start up small as time goes on when you begin to reap what your soul then you can think of expanding your fish pond .

2. Get a Land
I don’t tell sweet lies just because i want to make you smile or feel comfortable , fish farming can be done in a location close to your living home but i will not advise you to do that . If you have a location that is far from your home a bit that would be far off better and hygenic for you , though there are stories on the net that fish farming in your backyard does not cause any environment disturbance or hazard but might pose danger on your health don’t forget that health is wealth a sick person can’t take care of fish , be wise .

After getting your capital the next thing to do is to secure a land . It is better to secure a land with bigger space incase you want to expand and build more ponds .

3. Build Pond
If you know you can build the pond yourself no problem but make sure you can build it properly , for those of you who are builders you can build your pond yourself but if you can’t construct it yourself then engage the service of an expert in that field to construct a pond for you . One other thing , make sure that the pond is strong enough to hold water inside .Make sure the drainage are properly design for easy draining of dirty water from the pond , a qualified plumber should be paid to do the plumbing work .

Don’t forget to always change the water on time because if you refuse to change the water on time your fish might fall sick , it is also reasonable you know that fish can’t eat inside a dirty water – so ensure you always change the water on time .


Tapolene is a new substitute to pond . If you don’t have money to construct ponds you can use Tapolene as a substitute .

4. Dig a Borehole
Water is another essential periquisite for fish farming . Consider digging a Borehole because water is one neccessary thing that is needed for fish farming , don’t forget what i asserted earlier when i said you must always change water on a regular interval . In a situation whereby you refuse to change the water on time it might lead a big trouble that might end up kiling your fish .

The cost of digging borehole in Nigeria is not cost as it use to be those days , but it varies depending on the location . there are some areas where borehole are dug for millions of Naira especially in some part of Edo State ,e g Auch . But for areas like Benin City of Edo State borehole are dug for atleast N150,000 .

5. You Need Overhead Tank
After digging your borehole the next thing to have in mind is purchasing an ovrehead tank that you will use in storing the water .

6. Generator
If you are that person that is so determined to make it in fish farming in Nigeria you definitely need constant power supply . NEPA light is good for borehole but you can never expect NePA always , so because of this it is better you buy a generator to ensure an uninterrupted power supply at your fish farming site .

7. Get Acquainted
You must know the dos and don’t before going into fish farming so that you will properly equipt yourself on how to succeed in the business . Any little mistake might result to you losing all your fish at anytime . You have to be mindful of what you give to your fish at a particular stage of their growth .

Equipments Needed

1. Pipes
2. Water Testing Equipment
3. Baskets and Buckets
4. Seines and Nets
5. Pond Aerators

Requirements for Setting Up A Fish Farm


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